Hub is one of the largest towns in the Shatters region, boasting a native population of around a thousand, with more usually present as guests in the town. The town has grown so much larger than the mesa that shops have been built out of wood into the vertical surface of the mesa's bay area.

Hub's laws are extremely strict when it comes to how people may interact. Kidnapping, killing, stealing, and assault are all punishable by incarceration and usually death. Because these laws apply universally, the town ends up being extremely safe for less savory elements who are wanted elsewhere.

The town is largely safe from looters and external influence by cannons mounted at various vantage points around the edges of the mesa and a number of force field generators set up around the perimeter.  These force fields are usually inactive unless the town is under active naval assault.

Locations in the town:

  • The Pit: Blood sport arena made from quarrying stone out of the mesa for other buildings. Convicted criminals and prize fighters fight here.


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